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XMAS Matchplay Open Weekend 1-3.12.23, Oslo, Norge

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XMAS Matchplay Open Weekend 1-3.12.23, Oslo, Norge

Indlægman 9. okt 2023 19:24

"Kristiania Flipperselskap are excited to invite you all to the annual XMAS matchplay Open at our club in Oslo, 1st - 3rd December 2023!
After last years attempt at 5 days of tournament, we scaled it down to the usual weekend from friday til sunday, but there are tournaments in Oslo the same week at Tilt on tuesday
28th and Pollett on thursday 30th, if you want to come earlier.

NOTE: Registrations opens wednesday 11th october on this link:

Registration will open this wednesday, 11th October, at 12.00 (CET), and there are 44 spots available.
Registration form, player list and all necessary information can be found here:

A summary of the pricing, tournaments and schedule:

Kristiania Flipperselskap
Veitvetveien 8, 0596 Oslo

Public slack channel:
XMAS FB Event:

Price for attendance (in NOK):
Friday XMAS Warmup:
200 NOK
Saturday/Sunday XMAS Main
200 NOK
Saturday XMAS Side tournament:
200 NOK
Sunday XMAS Leftovers (Free if you played Main)
200 NOK

Separate pretournaments:
Tuesday 28th November: at Tilt, Oslo centrum
18.00 - 22.00

Thursday 30th November: at Pollett, Oslo centrum
18.00 - 23 .00 (?)

XMAS Tournaments:
Friday 1st december: XMAS WARMUP | Death Race
The official XMAS warmup tournament is also our Stern Army Monthly tournament, with the chance to win some Stern Pinball goodies! 125-ish % TGP.
The format Death Race is target matchplay with a target of 23 points. Scoring 4-2-1-0. Group matchplay until 10 players have reached the target. If several players are tied for making the cut, a tie breaker will be done on a pre-selected machine.

17.00 - 18.00:
Attendance and registration

18.00 - 22.00:
Tournament starts and qualification until 10 players have reached 23 points.

22.00 - 00.30 (At latest):
Top 10 players play Amazing Race finals, until we have a winner. Amazing Race is a format where the first player plays the first game, and sets a target score. Then proceed to the next game. The next players only have to reach that score to go on to the next machine. The lowest score is out. This goes on until we have the winner left.

Saturday 10.12: Main qualifications and side tournament
The qualifications will consist of 6 rounds, with 3 games in each round, one from each era (EM, SS/semi-modern and modern). Points 7-5-3-1, the first round pairing is IFPA Slaughter, and for the next rounds it will be tiered swiss. Top 16 players advance to playoffs. Tie breaks for 16th place will be played on a predetermined machine. (Yes, it will probably be Harlem) 200 %TGP!
09.30 - 10.00
Attendance and registration
10.00 - 10.30
Information about the day and tournament
10.30 - 16.00:

XMAS SIDE TOURNAMENT | Progressive Strikes Matchplay
This will be a progressive strike group matchplay tournament, with 12 strikes and a progressive strikes system. That means that for each game the winner gets 0 strikes, 2nd gets 1 strike, 3rd position get 2 strike and 4th position get 3 strikes. We continue playing until we have 8 players remaining, which then advance to playoffs.
18.00 - 22.00
Group matchplay with progressive strikes until 8 players are left.
22.00 - 23.00
Top 8 players are divided into two groups of four playing three games. Top two in each group advances to finals. Top seed chooses game 1 and position, then seed 2, seed 3 etc.
23.00 - 00.00
Top 4 players play group matchplay on 3 games. Top seed from qualification chooses game 1 and position, then seed 2, seed 3 etc.
Sunday 3rd December: XMAS MAIN FINALS + Leftovers
In playoffs there will be three rounds of group matchplay, each round consists of 5 games. Scoring 7-5-3-1 Top two in each group advances to next. This continues all the way til the finals are done, and the XMAS champion of 2023 is determined!
In quarter finals, top seed in each group from qualification chooses game bank, then choose their starting position on game 1. Player starting order choice on consecutive machines is determined by the previous game results.
In semi finals and finals, top seed from QUALIFICATION in each group chooses game 1 and 2 in their group, then following seeds in each group chooses a machine. Top seed from QUALIFICATION then chooses start order on game 1. Player starting order choice on consecutive machines is determined by the previous game results.
09.30 - 12.00
Quarterfinals: Top 16 are divided into groups of 4, playing 5 games. Scoring 7-5-3-1. Top two in each groups advances.
12.00 - 14.30
Semifinals: Top 8 are divided into two groups of 4, playing 5 games. Scoring 7-5-3-1. Top two in each groups advances.
14.30 - 17.00
Finals: Top 4 play 5 games. Scoring 7-5-3-1. Then the winner of XMAS 2023 is decided!

XMAS Leftovers | Group Matchplay:
This will be a leftover tournament for those eliminated from the main qualifications and quarter finals, plus additional players who want to join. It will be 4 hours of matchplay tournaments on machines not used in the semi finals and finals of XMAS main. 80 - 100 % TGP, depending on how quick people play.
12.00 - 16.00
Group matchplay, as many rounds as possible. No new rounds started after 16.00


Hope this will be of interest to players outside Norway also! :)

// DrainMorten"
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