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UK Pinfest 26-28.08.22

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UK Pinfest 26-28.08.22

Indlægons 11. maj 2022 21:47

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Udpluk fra hjemmesiden:

"UKPinFest has approximately 100 machines all set to FREE PLAY. Play machines from the 60’s to the very latest releases. Held at The Mercure Hotel Daventry, the event will run from Friday Evening to Sunday.

During the course of the weekend, there will also be a competition held.

Pinfest 2022 Competiton details

The competition will be an unlimited ticket entry format – as previously seen in the UK at Manchester Play Expo a couple of years ago, as well as previous PAPA comps, and many classic comps across Europe. It is a tried and tested format if somewhat unfamiliar in the UK.

For a single ticket entry you will play any 3 of 10 machines in the qualifying bank. Each score will be ranked against ALL other scores on that machine, the 3 scores totalled give your entry score. You can enter as many times as you wish, by buying additional ticket, but only your highest scoring entry will count.

The top 24 people will qualify for the finals, with the top 8 getting a bye through the first round.

The finals will be played best of 3 on the same machines used in qualifying (this is to encourage people already qualified to play the other games they are likely to encounter in the finals), until 4 players are left who will play a final consisting of 3 x 4 player games.
During the route through the finals, all games are pre selected and no players will play the same machine twice.

The initial registration and entry ticket is £10, with further additional tickets just £5.
As an initial bonus 4 tickets can be bought for £20. (effectively guaranteeing 12 games for £20)

All of the entry money will be returned as prize money using the following split (rounded to the nearest £5)

1st – 35%
2nd – 20%
3rd – 15%
4th – 10%
5th – 5%
6th – 5%
7th – 5%
8th – 5%

The prizes will be updated and displayed throughout the comp on a screen.

Full list of competition machines still yet to be decided.

Pinfest 2022 Classic Competition Details

Welcome to The Pinball Classics Vol II at UK Pinfest 2022
When: Saturday-Sunday 27-28th August 2022

Qualifying: 10am – 5pm Saturday
Play-Offs: 10:30am – 1pm Sunday

Price: £15 for registration includes 5 games entry (1 game on 1 machine). After that £1 per game.

Prizes: Trophies and cash prizes – 40% of prize fund for the winner, 30% for second, 20% for third & 10% for fourth

You can pre-register for the competition by sending £15 to
Registration can still be done on the day but it would speed things up if you could use the above link.

There will be eight Classic machines available to play and each entry allows a single game on one machine of your choice.

When qualifying ends at 5pm, the sixteen players with the top two scores on each machine will have qualified for the play-offs to be played the next day.

Only one qualification per player is allowed, so if a player has the top score on more than one machine, the machine on which they have the greatest margin of victory will be their qualifying machine and all other scores will not be counted. This will result in players in second, third or lower positions moving up to qualify for the play-offs.

In the play-offs, the sixteen qualifiers will be formed into the following:

Round 1 (16 players divided into groups of 4) (Top 2 in each group advance into next round) on 3 random machines from pool
Round 2 (8 Players divided into groups 4) (Top 2 in each group advance into next round) on 3 random machines from pool
Round 3 (4 Players into 1 group of 4) Compete for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Place on 3 random machines from pool

All games in rounds score 4,2,1,0"
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