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Info og datoer for Bulls & Balls, Fulda 2022

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Info og datoer for Bulls & Balls, Fulda 2022

Indlægtirs 26. okt 2021 17:16

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"Hello dear friends,

Here you will find all information and dates for the pinball tournaments in 2022 at Bulls&Balls in Fulda. This should help you with the planning, also for possible hotel and flight bookings. Please note that we are still in the planning phase. There can always be postponements, be it for organizational reasons or because the infection situation changes and thus also the legal situation. We will also open posts for the four tournaments in time, so that we can inform there directly. Let's go!

After the long closure period, we have now laid a fabulous foundation for the coming years with the three tournaments in 2021 and have gained numerous new experiences. Matthias and his crew continue to work at full speed on more space, numerous improvements and optimizations. The tournament management (me with dear support) continues to work on improvements in communication with the players, improvements in the tournament process and in the area of equipment distribution; the scores for pingolf will be more balanced. Further, we will continue our great collaboration with Pinball Universe and RS Pinball; two very important axes that greatly enhance the tournaments with their fabulous support. Of course, Dina and Jim from jdl_pinball will also stay with us, who have taken streaming to a whole new level over the past few years. With Kim and Margit, we have retained two absolute sweethearts in the B&B family; on the side, Kim also screws quite well. :) Not to be left out is the bar team around Patrizia and Marvin, who virtually make sure that no one has to go thirsty.

At this point we would like to thank all those who support us here and have made the Bulls&Balls the central contact point for international top tournaments and tournament series. This thank you also goes out to you. Without your support through the participation, the long journeys, the cordiality and help on site, many things would not be so easy. Thank you! An incredible THANK YOU goes out to everyone who supported the Bulls&Balls financially during the pandemic. This made it possible to cover the most important costs for months. Feel pressed.

General information about the events
We will also rely on the "2G rule" in the coming year. That means, to participate in tournament series in Fulda you have to be fully vaccinated or recovered. You will get more information in the corresponding post. Should the situation change, we will of course go along with these changes fully; in both directions. Furthermore we will see to it that there are rules for a better coexistence on site. We will pay even more attention to the fact that everyone feels equally comfortable. This applies to the tournament process, but also to the time at the bar. Then there will be (again) a better information policy for the flow. We will post schedules and flow charts so that everyone knows exactly when things are going on.

Registrations for the tournaments
Starting next year we will introduce a ticket system that is free of charge (for players). We will release a contingent of tickets on a fixed date, which can then be purchased conveniently. You can enter all necessary data directly, so that you can get your ticket clearly arranged. Options such as a buffet or a T-shirt ( :D ) can be conveniently booked. You can still transfer or pay via Paypal. After the purchase, one then has five days to pay. One receives a ticket with all options, which also facilitates the process on site and at the buffet. In the articles you will learn more about it. Furthermore, the program includes suggestions for hotels nearby, so everything is very comfortable, especially for new players.

Costs for the tournaments
Next year we have to recalculate the costs. Rising additional costs and personnel costs, rising prices for spare parts for the instantsetzung of the pinball machines and also rising prices with the Caterer force us to the fact that we pass these on also accordingly. Those who know Patrizia and Matthias will know that this money will not pay for the next Hawaiian vacation, nor will it pay for the third luxury sports car in the garage. The fact that Matthias does not run the Bulls&Balls to maximize profits, but strives to make everyone feel comfortable and happy to come back, ensures that the prices for such a (long) weekend of superlatives (nothing else is offered!) are ridiculously cheap (my personal opinion!). The food will certainly be one to two euros more expensive, the tournament fee will probably be ten euros more.

Tournaments and tournament procedures
We always try to make sure that the tournaments run smoothly and that you play a lot, but also get to bed around midnight. We also say at this point that you play two full tournaments every day, so we are limited to certain tournament and final formats. Better distribution of equipment, better allocation of tournament equipment for optimized open space, better and fairer scores for pingolf, and further automation of finals formats (away from paper and pencil) is on our agenda.

Tournament series and dates
Let's get down to the nitty gritty; tournament dates. We are planning 4 tournaments for 2022, and since the GCS is cancelled this year, another tournament will occur in the spring in its place. We will have one tournament with 3.5 days, two pieces with 2.5 days and the Olympics over 4.5 days. Let's go. Ticket sales will start about two months before. The rules for the purchase and any refund will be communicated separately then.

IFPA World's Okayest Pinball Weekend 2022
Date: 11.03. - 13.03.2022
Ticket sales from: 17.01.2022 at 9 pm
Tournaments: 5 tournaments for WPPR
Participants: approx. 80
Information: A nice start with a weekend in March in the tournament series in Fulda. We start on Friday at 5pm and it ends with Sunday around 7pm.

IFPA Pinball Olympics 2022
Date: 15.06. - 19.06.2022
Ticket sales from: 04.04.2022 at 8 pm
Tournaments: up to 13 tournaments, 11 of them for WPPR
Participants: max. 120
Information: The absolute highlight of the year! This worldwide unique - and invented by us - tournament series will blow up everything you have seen so far. We pack 4.5 days to the brim. Teams will compete, the ladies will play a tournament, we will play the Midnight Madness again. Again, the top two players from each country will qualify in advance. With an additional room we will go up to 120 participants. We will again have the best players in Europe (and hopefully the world) visiting. This tournament series won second place in tournament series at the 2020 TWIPY Awards (pinball Oscars in America) (beaten only by Pinsburgh). Booked out in seconds. My goodness, I'm so excited!

IFPA Midsommar Pinball Open 2022
Date: 07.10. - 09.10.2022
Ticket sales from: 08.08.2022 at 8 pm
Tournaments: 5 tournaments for WPPR
Participants: max. 90
Information: In the fall we will again play the Midsommar. A wonderful weekend with many pinball friends in Fulda. Perfect to get a taste of tournaments in one weekend.

IFPA Hohoho Christmas Pinball Open 2022
Date: 08.12. - 11.12.2022
Ticket sale from: 10.10.2022 at 8 pm
Tournaments: up to 8, all for WPPR
Participants: max. 120
Information: Pre-Christmas we let the year end. 3,5 days in beautiful Fulda with a whole bunch of great tournaments. Like every year we will donate a part of the proceeds to charity.

So far all information up to here. If something changes, we will let you know as soon as possible. We are looking forward to seeing you and wish you a nice week.

Many greetings
Team Bulls&Balls"
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