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Dutch Pinball Open Expo 2024, 1.-3. nov., Veldhoven, Holland

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Dutch Pinball Open Expo 2024, 1.-3. nov., Veldhoven, Holland

Indlægman 3. jun 2024 18:32

Tilmelding åbner lørdag d. 15. juni!

Mere info på:

"You are warmly welcome to the 25th edition of the Dutch Pinball Open of 2024, taking place on November 2nd and 3rd. This edition boasts an impressive lineup of 250 pinball machines. The majority of them are set to 'free play,' allowing enthusiasts and newcomers alike to enjoy endless games. Additionally, we have a small selection reserved exclusively for the competitions. Will you join us in the quest to become the best pinball player in the Netherlands? Or simply drop by to have a fun time flipping? We also have various shops where you can purchase manuals, parts, and other pinball-related items. Each year, we invite industry experts to share their insights, and once confirmed, we will announce them here. In short, there's plenty for everyone to do and enjoy at the Dutch Pinball Open!

What can you expect to find?

-Around 250 pinball machines, all set to 'free play'
-The main tournament (open registration, anyone can participate) with an international field of participants
-Various side games, such as the classics tournament, youth tournament and second change SWISS
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