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Turneringsinfo for Bulls & Balls, Fulda 2023

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Turneringsinfo for Bulls & Balls, Fulda 2023

Indlægons 26. okt 2022 17:21

Følg med her for mere info:

"Hello dear friends,

here you will find all the information and dates for the pinball tournaments in 2023 at Bulls&Balls in Fulda. This should help you with the planning, also for possible hotel and flight bookings. Please note that we are in the planning phase here. There can always be postponements, be it for organizational reasons or because the infection process changes and thus also the legal situation. Contributions for the tournaments will also be opened promptly so that we can provide direct information there. We recommend that you always book flights and hotels that can be cancelled. Here we go!

General information about the events
The corona situation is of course anything but relaxed. At the moment, however, there are no special rules. Should this change on the part of the government, we will of course go along with these changes. If there are no rules from the government, we will also try to get along without rules. As always, however: take care of each other.

Registrations for the tournaments
We continue to work with the free ticket tool via, which Alex built for us (big THANKS again!). Here you can easily register, book your options and conveniently transfer the money after registration. It couldn't be more user-friendly.

Tournament costs
Well, it's no secret that everything is getting more expensive these days, and by that I really mean everything. Staff, energy, food, caterers, everything. Of course we try to keep the costs as moderate as possible for you, we will probably not be able to avoid it and adjust the prices. Again: Matthias and the Bulls&Balls team are not concerned with maximizing profits, but of course everything has to be sustainable and a set of rolls has to come out of it.

Tournaments and Tournament Procedures
We always try to ensure that the tournaments run smoothly and that you play a lot, but also get to bed around midnight (plus minus). We also say at this point that you play at least two full-fledged tournaments every day, so we are limited to certain tournament and final formats. We have already implemented a better distribution of the equipment, a better allocation of the tournament equipment for optimized free space, better and fairer scores for pingolf and further automation of the final formats (away from paper and pen). From 2023, the tournaments will be able to be upgraded to 200% TGP. I'm working flat out on a good solution for everyone.

Tournament series and dates
Let's get to the essential point; the tournament dates. It's going to be intense this year and not too tight. The GCS finals are being played, we have the EPC, the Oympics, the Autumn Pinball Festival and the Hohoho. :Dman!

So, let's get going...

IFPA German Championship Series 2022 - Finals
Date: 02/17/2023 - 02/19/2022
Ticket sales from: Tickets will be allocated via the ranking list; There will be information on this in good time
Tournaments: up to 5 tournaments for WPPR
Participants: approx. 90
Information: Great start to the tournament year 2023. Relaxed atmosphere and high-class tournaments. We also determine the German Pinball Champion.

IFPA European Pinball Championships 2023 - EPC23
Date: 05/25/2023 - 05/28/2023
Ticket sales: still open
Tournaments: up to 7 tournaments, 5 of them for WPPR
Participants: 250 to 300
Information: THAT will be the absolute sensation and the absolute highlight at Bulls&Balls. We play the biggest tournament in Europe with 300% TGP, with the world's best players and with numerous guests from overseas, since a week later the IFPA18 is taking place at Freddy's. There is also the EPC Classics for everyone. We also offer two side tournaments and still have the warm-up on Thursday. In addition, a ladies and a team tournament on Sunday. kinners!

IFPA Pinball Olympics 2023
Date: 05/29/2023 - 06/01/2023
Ticket sale: still open
Tournaments: up to 10 tournaments for WPPR
Participants: 130 to 170
Information: Next highlight. The Olympics will be Olympic this year. We will host many international guests from all over the world. Between the EPC and the IFPA18 we're including this tournament of superlatives. Number of participants will depend on available space and equipment. Here, too, we make sure that we generate a maximum of WPPR points, but of course - as always - don't neglect the fun and being together. midnight madness Naturally!

IFPA mini World Championships 2023 - IFPAmini18
Date: 06/02/2023 - 06/04/2023
Ticket sale: still open
Tournaments: max. 3 for WPPR
Participants: max. 120, of which 80 for the small World Championship
Information: What a worthy conclusion to a tournament marathon unlike anything the world has seen before. Parallel to the World Cup at Freddy's, we are organizing a small World Cup for everyone who was no longer able to qualify. We will play the same tournament mode as "the big ones". And we will choose a champion on Sunday. Furthermore, we will also increase the entry fee here and pay it out again as prize money. It is also planned that the winner of the tournament will win a pinball (but probably not a NIB stern :D). For the players who have been eliminated, there will be other opportunities to hunt for points.

IFPA Autumn Pinball Festival 2023
Information to follow

IFPA Hohoho Christmas Pinball Festival 2023
Information to follow

So much from me here. Let everything sink in first. :)
I'll let you know if there's any more information or changes.

Best regards
Team Bulls&Balls"
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